Sunday, April 25, 2010


A delicious recipe from my country. A Mediterranean pleasure. Bread, olive oil, tomato and garlic. Simple but delicious. A wonderful side and a brilliant way of preparing bread for a sandwich. This means that you can eat it just like that or using the preparation of Pan con Tomate to make your favourite sandwich. Let’s start.


Your favourite bread, baguettes, ciabatta… But do not use just regular white bread.
Ripe tomatoes
Some cloves of garlic
Some extra virgin olive oil
Some salt to taste

Not much, is it? It is enough, believe me. Just that. Do not add anything else.
We just have to cut the bread. Do it in the way you prefer. Bear in mind that we will have to rub the tomato on the bread.
Once you have the bread ready, cut some tomatoes in half and rub them on the bread. You will do the same with the cloves of garlic. Cut them in half and rub them on your pieces of bread. Chop more garlic and add the little pieces of garlic to the bread.
And finally, add some extra virgin olive oil to the bread. Add some salt to taste and enjoy this wonderful Spanish delicacy.

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